12. 3D BrushΒΆ

The SPIERSedit brush normally affects only single slices of the dataset. It can however be used in 3D mode, where it should be thought of as a 3D sphere extending for a number of slices equal to the Brush Size setting on the toolbar. There is no cubic 3D brush implementation. 3D brush mode is toggled on using the 3D Brush button on the toolbar, or the 3D Brush command on the Brush menu.

The 3D brush works in the same way as the normal brush, and can be used in any mode. The only difference is that it affects multiple slices, and that the Undo system will not work on 3D brush operations.

The 3D brush provides another quick means of rapidly masking large areas over many slices, deleting objects in 3D, and has many other applications.