13. Lock/Selection Mode

This is by far the least used of SPIERSedit’s six brush modes. It is used to brush a blue ‘selection’ colour onto images; this is similar to a mask, but stored and handled separately. Each image in the dataset has a separate lock/selection mode ‘mask’. The blue colour is applied with the brush and the left mouse button, and removed with the right mouse button. It is only visible in Lock/Selection mode.

Selecting pixels in this way has two applications. Firstly, it allows selection of pixels for sample generation for Polynomial Generation (see above). Secondly, selected pixels are locked for generation operations (the Generate button on the Generation panel, or the use of the Auto tick box); it is thus possible to control regions to be affected by generation using this mode; while the Hidden Masks Locked for Generation option

on the Masks menu can provide the same functionality through the masks system, in some cases this is not practical without destroying a complex existing mask structure.